Asset-Based Lending

Asset based lending is a unique form of financing that businesses can apply for as an alternative to traditional bank loans. Asset based lending has a variety of advantages over more traditional bank loans with loan amounts based on existing business collateral, including inventory, accounts receivable, and equipment. The loan amount and frequency of borrowing adjusts based on the needs and income of the company as your company grows and needs more liquidity or less.

What Are The Advantages Of Asset Based Lending Over Traditional Bank Loans?

  • No annual account clean-up or need to zero out your balance at the end of the fiscal year
  • Collateral requirements are smaller for asset-based lending and lending advance percentages are higher
  • Less oversight from third parties for asset-based lending, meaning less undue influence on the status of your loan. This equates to increased security and confidence that your loan will be available to you without a nameless board of directors cutting you off.
  • Since the line is based on collateral, credit scores and personal credit histories mean less
  • Pay for what you use, not for a lump sum that you don’t need

Should You Apply For Asset Based Lending?

Cornerstone Capital Advisors wants to ensure that you and your business find the right credit solution. Asset based lending might be right for you if you can answer “yes” to the following:

  • Is your account receivable, inventory, and equipment available for use as a credit facility?
  • Is your business growing?
  • Do you need additional business credit?
  • Could you use additional liquidity?
  • Do you wish for more flexibility in your lines of credit?
  • Do you need more than $100K a month?
  • Do you have a full-time accounting department?
  • Has a banking institution turned you down?
  • Are you concerned about your personal credit history getting in the way of securing a needed line of credit?

Cornerstone Capital Advisors wants to help. Contact us online or over the phone to discuss our entire suite of funding options and to see if Asset Based Lending is right for you.

Equipment Financing

For some businesses, the largest barrier to entry is acquiring the right equipment. There can be a huge difference between cheap equipment right now and the right equipment when you need it. Cornerstone providing different solutions to help your business.  

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