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Disaster can strike in many forms, be it a weather event like a hurricane or an unprecedented global pandemic. No one can ever be 100% ready for these types of events, but we can certainly try our best. With Cornerstone Capital Advisors expertise, you and your business can find safety and security in participating in the Disaster Loan programs set up by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Make sure you are taking full advantage of these programs by utilizing Cornerstone Capital Advisors’ expertise to navigate through the treacherous legal and financial waters toward the calm and comfort of safety on the other side of any qualifying disaster.

The SBA has two primary Disaster Loan programs that Cornerstone Capital Advisors helps clients take advantage of: The Main Street Lending Program and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

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Restaurant Revitalization Grant

Restaurants impacted by the economic fallout of COVID-19 are eligible for a grant up to $10 million to cover eligible expenses going back to February 15, 2020. See if you qualify and how this grant can help your business.

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The Paycheck Protection Program is another program put in place by the US Small Business Administration to assist business owners with keeping their workforce on the payroll and employed during the COVID-19 crisis. PPP loans will be forgiven if employees are kept on the payroll for at least eight weeks. The money can be used for rent, payroll, mortgage interest, or utilities. Ensure you receive funding and loan forgiveness with Cornerstone Capital Advisors’ help.

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Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

Let us use our 21 years of experience with the SBA to help you maximize your dollars and navigate the process from beginning to end. 

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Mainstreet Lending Program

The Federal Reserve put the Mainstreet Lending Program in place to assist small and medium-sized businesses in otherwise sound financial condition before the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this program is to provide cash flow and low interest loans to qualifying businesses to assist in bill payments and keeping liquidity available while the crisis unfolds. If you own a small or medium sized business that is now struggling due to the pandemic, Cornerstone Capital Advisors can help you apply for funding through the Mainstreet Lending Program.

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Disaster Loan Declines & Reconsiderations

If you were declined, call us we can get your application reconsidered. If your amount was to low, call us we can help increase the amount.

We have been helping 100’s of companies get reconsidered for approvals and increases.

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